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    in 2007 our neighbors came knocking on our door and asked if we could help them create an e-commerce fashion boutique with an ambitious design and rich feature set. they were so incredibly charming, we couldn't help but take on the challenge to bring country club back into style.
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    the images can be arranged by dragging them around in the admin tool. no grids here.
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    drilling down into the women's category. secondary navigation is on the left.
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    a sliding row of dresses. a carousel of style.
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    detail page. paginate through products, zoom in, add to wish-list or buy outright. it's a store.
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    products up close
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    The wish list: wish I had more wishes.
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    Color flip on the about page pages.

the story

we set up shop with zen-cart, the only open source store that fulfilled all of the couple’s requirements, which were quite ambitious: the online system was used for sales in the showroom and helped with various billing calculations and shipping functions.  we worked within the brand guidelines by the talented team at default, to program and lay out a new front-end system that married the intimate spirit of the gargyle country club boutique to the web.


the venture proved successful: dailycandy.com and other high traffic publications picked up on nhung’s impeccable fashion style and curatory skills. In July ‘08 nhung and don left our humble building in brooklyn and set up shop in manhattan.  we miss playing highbrow ping pong matches with the gargyles.

“My wife and I lucked out when we had Fangohr code our online boutique, Gargyle.com. Florian and his team didn’t just build a site for us, they were partners in bringing our shop to life. He guided the development from design to deployment with a high attention to detail and continued to follow through long after the site was up. The man’s got talent, and a pretty wicked ping pong game, too.”  Don Vu October 9, 2007

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kevin krause

design and production
florian fangohr